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Thursday, August 06, 2015
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iPhone 7 rumours and features: Apple’s next handset could have stereo sound

We're just seven months from the release of the iPhone 7, one of the most anticipated smartphones Apple will ever make. When it's launched later this year, the iPhone 7 will go against competition from Android flagships such as the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 – and it'll also need to give existing iPhone owners a good reason to upgrade. So what is 1Z0-884 Apple going to do? We still don’t know much about the iPhone 7, but we should see a thinner, refined handset with at least one killer feature this September. But what else? To give you a better idea of what to expect, we've rounded up every rumour and analysed them one by one.

Latest rumour: Apple could switch the iPhone 7’s headphone jack with a speaker for stereo sound

According to a Barclays research memo acquired by AppleInsider, the iPhone 7 is going to lose its headphone jack – but gain an extra speaker in the process. The report by AppleInsider goes on to say that the second speaker will use an amp made by Cirrus Logic, a company already known for making audio components for the iPhone.

How likely is it? Very. Although the rumour comes 70-486 from a research memo by a third party, it suggests a very logical direction for Apple to take. Apple is clearly focusing its efforts into audio, so it makes sense to use the extra space provided for stereo sound. What’s more, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen stereo sound on an Apple product, either. Just 1Z0-591 last year, Apple introduced stereo sound capability on the iPad Pro.

Audio rumours

After the purchase of Dr Dre's Beats and the launch of Apple Music, it seems Apple is getting serious about music – and new rumours about the iPhone 7 seem to confirm that trend. While rumours 220-801dumps are by their very nature uncertain, we've seen more and more reports that suggest Apple is rethinking how it does audio for the iPhone 7. So, what can music lovers and casual listeners expect from the next iPhone? 

iOS 9 code suggests Apple dropping headphone jack

This rumour keeps cropping up, so it’s really starting to look like the headphone jack’s days are numbered. Code in the latest iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 may once again point to Apple dropping the 3.5mm port on the iPhone 7. The offending bit of code reads “Headphones.have.%sinput.NO”, and was found by the same person who found the Li-Fi capability.

So how likely is it? Although it adds to a rumour MB2-701 we’ve already heard a lot about, the evidence isn’t too compelling. As pointed out by 9to5mac, the code could just relate to situations where the iPhone uses a Bluetooth speaker instead of a headphone jack.

Apple working on wireless Beats AirPods for iPhone 7

A report by 9to5mac’s Mark Gurman claims that Apple is developing a revolutionary pair of wireless Beats-branded earphones to launch alongside the iPhone 7. Gurman reports that the new earphones will be completely wireless and also use active noise-cancelling technology. What’s more, they’ll also ship with a carrying case 312-49v8 that doubles up as a portable charging station.

So how likely is it? Very. When Apple bought Beats, we knew it would use the brand to further develop its audio aspirations. To add fuel to the fire, Apple also recently copyrighted the term “AirPods”. What’s more, Apple’s renewed interest in wireless accessories also corroborates with the iPhone 7 having no headphone jack – a rumour that seems to get stronger every day.

iPad Pro-style speakers

A patent suggests Apple is also going to improve the iPhone 7’s speakers. As reported by 9to5Mac, the new patent explains how a slimmer smartphone will require more inventive audio solutions, and then goes on to describe how the system will work.

“An audio element can 352-001 be mounted on or coupled to an intermediate structure (for example, a flexible electrical substrate) having an opening therein to allow audio sound to pass there through,” it EXIN reads. “In another embodiment, an audio chamber can be formed to assist in directing audio sound between an opening an outer housing and a flexible electronic substrate to which the audio element is mounted or coupled thereto.”

So how likely is it? The description is pretty dense, but it looks like Apple wants to use chambers built into the handset to improve and amplify its sound. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s exactly 352-011 what Apple did with the iPad Pro. As shown in iFixit’s teardown of Apple’s enormous tablet, the iPad Pro uses four tiny speakers in combination with chambers in the chassis. The result? Sound is full-bodied and louder than you’d expect


Apple needs to make sure the iPhone 7 gives exisiting iPhone owners a good reason to buy, and that means it can't just be an evolution of the iPhone 6s. Here's everything we know about the features that should set the iPhone 7 apart from the 6s. 

If new reports are correct, the iPhone 7 will feature a radically improved camera module. Yesterday, respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI securities suggested that the next iPhone will use a 4A0-103 dual-camera system with an optical zoom and 2-3x magnification. The multi-camera technology is reportedly from Linx, a company Apple bought just under a year ago. Interestingly,the analyst’s report goes on to say that the dual-camera configuration will be featured on the iPhone 7 Plus only, and that one of the cameras could feature fish-eye style lens.

How likely is it? This one is difficult. The source comes from one of the more respected analysts, and the idea of Apple bolstering the iPhone Plus’ camera seems pretty sensible. In recent generations, the iPhone’s camera has fallen somewhat behind the Android crowd, and giving a slightly better camera to the Plus is something we’ve seen before, too. What’s 510-022 harder to understand is the function of the lens: While 9to5Mac suggests dual lenses could be used for two different picture types, I think both lenses could work in combination like a Lytro camera. The iPhone 6s’ Live Photos feature already shows Apple is keen to make photos interactive, and making it possible for iPhone 7 owners to refocus on objects in their pictures would be an extension of that.

Waterproof design

There are strong rumours that the next iPhone will be waterproof. After filing a patent for ports that eject water the company has filed a new one for connections that self-heal, which solves one of the main challenges of making a phone waterproof.

Titled “Electronic Device With Hidden 600-199 Connector”, the patent shows a connector covered by a self-healing elastomer. Diagrams included in the patent show the elastomer allowing the penetration of a probe, and self-sealing once the probe is removed. The port is shielded from the elements at all times, but still allows quick and easy access for charging, headphones or anything else.

Apple working on long-distance wireless charging

A few months ago, we heard the iPhone 7 would ship with wireless charging, but that rumour now looks somewhat less likely. According to Bloomberg Apple is working on wireless charging for its devices, but it’s far from 642-874 conventional. Instead, the report suggests Apple is developing “cutting-edge” tech that allows iPhones and iPads to be charged without a cable or charging mat. The only catch? It won’t be here until 2017. That means that, unless Apple changes its release schedule considerably, we won’t see it on the iPhone 7. However, that time frame does fit in perfectly with the projected release date of the iPhone 7s.

How likely is it? It’s hard to say. It was sensible to think the iPhone 7 will have conventional wireless charging, but rumours of this new technology are much harder to comment on. Either way, with a projected debut of 2017, we probably won’t be seeing it on the iPhone 7.